How to allow exporting of reports to other users besides global administrators

Do you want to allow the exporting of reports to others users besides global administrators?  Unfortunately, it’s not about having the correct permissions.  In this case, the functionality is only available for the Global Administrator user by default.  It’s necessary to make some modifications to the code file below.
1. Locate the file: ~\CMSModules\Reporting\Tools\Report_List.aspx.cs
Find the code:
case "export": ImageButton img = (ImageButton)sender; if(CMSContext.CurrentUser.IsGlobalAdministrator)

 Replace it with:
case "export": ImageButton img = (ImageButton)sender; if (true)

 2. You will also need to change the file: ~\CMSModules\ImportExport\SiteManager\ExportObject.aspx.cs
Find the line:
public partial class CMSModules_ImportExport_SiteManager_ExportObject: CMSModalSiteManagerPage

 And replace it with:
public partial class CMSModules_ImportExport_SiteManager_ExportObject : CMSModalDesignPage

3.  After making these code changes, please check the following permission via SiteManager -> Administration -> Permissions -> Permission type: Modules, Permission matrix: Content -> Check the permission "Design website" for the appropriate user role.

Applies to: Kentico CMS Versions 5.x
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