Have you seen the new Kentico CMS Podcast?

I am happy to announce that we released the first Kentico CMS podcast. My plan is to produce these at least once a month. We will talk with customers, partners, and Kentico folks to try and get a pulse of what’s going on around the .NET and Kentico community.  
Kentico CMS Podcast #1: Azure with Dominik Pinter
In this episode Thom Robbins is joined by Dominik Pinter, Senior Developer with Kentico CMS. Dominik talks about himself and what it’s like to become a Senior Developer at Kentico. Dominik is currently responsible for implementing Microsoft Azure support within Kentico CMS. We talk about what Kentico CMS 5.5 R 2 supports on the Azure platform and what features are being targeted for Kentico CMS 6.0.

Available here
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Thom Robbins commented on

Not yet - but something we will have.

Craig commented on

Is there an RSS feed I can use in iTunes?