Great Work Bit-Wizards! Kentico is key in five ADDY Awards

Kentico’s American partner Bit-Wizards had a banner night at the ADDY awards this year and we couldn’t be more excited for them. The ADDY awards, from the American Advertising Federation, are some of the biggest awards in the advertising industry. 
elisa.JPGBit-Wizards used Kentico to win awards for: 
• Mapex Drums Website Development - Responsive Design
• IMG Models -  Best in Show in the Digital Category
• First Service Residential Microsite Development - Responsive Design
• Consumer Electronics Association Responsive Video Feed Microsite
• Kentico 8 Product Video 

“We are always excited to see our partners get such well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments, and we’re proud to have Kentico play such an integral role in Bit-Wizards’ creative achievements,” says Kentico CEO and founder Petr Palas.

You can read more information about Kentico’s role in Bit-Wizards’ win here.
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Katerina Rozsnyo Pelanova

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