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A cookbook is a common kitchen reference that contains a set of recipes. Recipes contain instructions and a list of ingredients that when combined together hopefully produce a unique taste sensation. Chefs the world over use them as a base to deliver a fantastic culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds and makes you want more. I don’t expect that Kentico CMS will provide the actual cooking feature anytime soon. But, the intent of this first edition cookbook has the same idea, to provide high quality recipes that any chef can use to deliver tantalizing and useful websites
Welcome to the first edition!

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Thomas Robbins

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Thomas Robbins commented on

yes - we definately would like to move in that direction in the long term.

Andre Möller commented on

Thank you for publishing the cookbook! Have you respectivley Kentico considered creating a wiki, and allowing others to contribute to it? I feel that your cookbook would be an excellent start for such a wiki...