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You’ve heard Kentico talk a lot lately about 404. Sure, you know it’s a new conference happening in Vegas where experts focus on their failures and how they learned from them. But what you may not know is why developers should consider attending. In this article, I’ll try to give you some great tips on what’s in store for coders at the event, and why you won’t want to miss this exciting new conference.

With the new 404 conference right around the corner, I thought I’d let you know why you may want to attend this year’s exciting new event. Sure, there are lots of conferences throughout the year, many with some amazing speakers and content. And 404 is no different! Even though it’s a new concept from Kentico, it is jam-packed with tons of great technical info and presenters. To sweeten the deal, I present four good reasons developers need to attend:

Kentico 10

1. You get to see (and use) Kentico 10

Being a Kentico-sponsored event, you probably want to see what Kentico 10 has in store. In our previous event series Kentico Connection, we presented and spoke about all areas of the product. These sessions brought a lot of high-power knowhow to attendees, often delivered by Kentico principal developers and thought leaders. While 404 is a bit more technology-agnostic, the first day of the conference will be all about Kentico 10. You’ll get to see the latest release in action, learn about many of the new features, and even get your hands on the code before it’s released! We will have a number of hands-on labs for you to complete, each focusing on a new feature or capability of version 10. Whether you come to listen or to do, the Kentico Day events have lots to offer new and seasoned developers.

Want to know what topics the labs will cover? Here are a few of the areas you will get to experience at the event:

  • Continuous Integration
  • MVC
  • Responsive Images
  • Compare for Kentico

2. You get to see some great speakers

What’s a Vegas conference without some great entertainment? Along with all the Elvis impersonators to fill your heart’s desire, 404 will feature some great presenters talking on a variety of topics. There will be some Kentico faces you know, but a lot of other external speakers to share their knowledge and expertise. This variety of experts will deliver several topics, ranging from CMS platforms to testing and the cloud. Few conferences give you such a broad selection of topics.

404 Conference

3. You get to learn from others’ mistakes

Nothing is quite as powerful a teaching tool than seeing a project run into the ground. As part of 404’s theme, every presenter will bring some real-world experience to their sessions, focusing on the failures they’ve dealt with in their careers. You’ll hear how they faced technical obstacles, and more importantly how they overcame them. Hearing someone’ first-hand account of dealing with issues is a great way to fully understand what went wrong, and how to avoid it. 404 is loaded with sessions like these on all industries and topics, so there’s sure to be some great info you can take away.

4. You get to talk to experts

One of the best perks of previous Kentico events is the ability to connect directly with the developers of the product. At 404, you get the chance to meet with Kentico product owners, executives, and experts. Bring your tough questions to our Ask the Experts panels where all the 2016 Kentico MVPs will take on your issues and provide some solutions. And as if those weren’t enough, there will be some great round table discussions during the main conference where you can meet the presenters and discuss their session topics.


Bonus: It’s Vegas!

Depending on how deep your pockets are, attending a conference in Las Vegas can be a polarizing experience. What you may not know is how much the area has to offer and how easy it is to get to. For those that like to press their luck, there’s opportunity literally around every corner. If gambling is not your thing, there are national landmarks, world-renowned theaters and shows, and a whole bunch of desert to go look at. Throw in some amazing restaurants and dancing fountains, and you’ll quickly find it’s hard to sleep in such a vibrant city. Vegas is truly a unique destination and a great backdrop for 404.

So What’s Stopping You?

Hopefully, this article told you a little about what’s in store for you at 404. Whether you are developer, an architect, or a CTO, 404 is sure to have tons of great content and prove to be a great time for everyone. Hope to see you there!

404 Conference

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