Focus Group Initiation: Kentico CMS Deliver Now! Methodology

This is your invitation to participate in an online Focus Group for the Kentico CMS Deliver Now! Methodology. The Deliver Now! Methodology is designed to help customers and partners avoid potential pitfalls in any Kentico CMS project and benefit from lessons learned from over 7,000 active websites in 84 countries.  Based on the feedback we have received, this methodology has gained traction with our customer and partner base across the world.
This focus group is planned as a virtual panel using GoToMeeting. The selected panel participants will log into an online meeting area to participate in the facilitated discussion. It is expected each participant will have access to an Internet connection and a microphone.

Why do a focus group?
The success of any methodology is based on the collection and inclusion of diverse feedback. The goal of the focus group is to provide a forum that allows the collection of this feedback includes usage discussions and better ways the methodology could be used in real world scenarios.

I’m interested – How do I qualify?
The ideal participant will have the following experience:
• Kentico CMS 5.5 R2 Experience
• Involvement in the development, test, and QA process with Kentico CMS
• Extensive implementation experience (10+ implementations preferred)
• Have reviewed or currently use the Kentico CMS Deliver Now! Methodology

Why should I participate?
• An opportunity to provide feedback
• An opportunity to share best practices with the Kentico CMS community
• Ensure validation of the methodology against current industry best practices
• Inclusion as a contributor to the final Deliver Now! Methodology

How can I sign up?
A sign up is available on the partner portal here. if you don't have access to the partner portal please send me an email
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