Drag and Drop with Kentico CMS 5


Kentico CMS 5 enables drag and drop functionality directly within the content tree. This provides an easy way to reorganize and manage documents. With some additional keystrokes you can extend this functionality to include copying and linking. In this post we will look at the additional keyboard shortcuts for this feature.

Move Items

Select item and move to the new location. Notice the drop location says Move Here.

Copy items

Select item and move while selecting the control <CTRL> key. Notice the drop location says Copy Here.

Link Items

Select items and move while selecting the control <CTRL>+ shift <SHIFT> keys. Notice the drop location says Link Here.

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Thomas Robbins

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Jeroen Fürst commented on

Hi Jack, I think you mean you cannot drop it in a different level when that level is not opened. To do this expand the treenode before moving. Jeroen

thom robbins commented on

Shouldn't be a problem to drag and drop to different levels.

Jack commented on

How about mentioning dragging and dropping to different levels in the content tree?? Didn't find out this functionality yet?

Henry commented on

This is an awesome new feature in Kentico 5.0 - it's a bit fiddly to move documents exactly where you want them to go sometimes, especially from different depths of the tree, but it makes things much easier with it than without :)

Jeroen Fürst commented on

I was not aware of Copying and Linking, very nice!