Default country for billing and shipping address in checkout process

This article shows how to change the default country in the country selector in checkout process in step 3.
You have to do it programmatically. The file, you have to change is ShoppingCartOrderAddresses.ascx located in <your web project>\CMSEcommerce\ShoppingCart\. The code, which is affected should be around the line 68. Here is a sample code:

<cms:CountrySelector ID="CountrySelector1" runat="server" UseCodeNameForSelection="true" CountryName="Australia" />

or you can use the country ID from the CMS_Country table:

<cms:CountrySelector ID="CountrySelector1" runat="server" UseCodeNameForSelection="true" CountryID="284" />

See also: Default country in BizForms

Applies to: Kentico CMS 3.x
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