Today I am going to introduce to you the new Marketplace package – Connector. This module allows you to access contact and company information in business directory and uses it to update your records.
IMPORTANT: Please also see information about updated version of connector.

You can find more information about at Connector extends your contact and account management options in CMS Desk and Site Manager. When you navigate to contact or account details and switch to the tab, you are presented with a stripped down version of an editing form that is displayed together with the details of the matching contact or company in business directory. Each detail is accompanied by a checkbox which indicates whether you want to use the corresponding value, such as a name, instead of the current one. Just make the necessary tweaks, save the form and you are done.

Contact form for Connector:


And account form:


To be able to access information in business directory, you need an access token. The access token is granted to partners upon request. If you are not a partner, you can create a developer account at and ask for one. The Connector does not currently support buying contacts from partner accounts; you need a user account with enough points to do so.

If you select a  contact that matches an entry in the directory and you haven’t paid for the private information, such as e-mail address and phone number, the tab displays a button offering to buy the contact and import the information from the directory.



As you can see, importing contacts or accounts to Kentico CMS 6 is easy and, with side-by-side comparison, very comfortable.

Do you like the module? Are you planning to utilize it on your website(s)? Please feel free to post a comment below as we always appreciate your feedback.

Download this module here: Connector
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