Custom order

This document describes how to enable payment for the order outside the standard checkout process. It means that order is already created and you want offer your customers to pay for it later or pay only a part of the order total price.
Please find the sample package here (instructions document included). You can find readme.docx file inside with step by step instructions.

I can give you also instructions how to integrate CustomProviders from the package and how to add references:

1) Please open your 'webproject.sln' in Visual Studio.

2) Choose File -> Add -> Existing project and add CustomProviders.csproj. This enforce that your project will be turned into the solution.

3) Then you may need to add references to CustomProviders on your dll, which are located in your BIN folder (please se instructions with pictures in the package).

4) Then please compile solution and add reference to your CustomProviders in the BIN folder. This will create dll in your BIN folder.

Please note - How to add references to 'CustomProviders': right-click 'References' -> 'Add Reference' -> 'Browse' -> please find them in your 'bin' folder.
- How to add references to your 'bin' folder: right-click 'bin' folder -> choose 'Add Reference' -> 'Projects' -> choose 'Custom Providers'.

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 3.1a
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