CSS issue in Chrome 26

This article provides a workaround for the issue with CSS not loading in version 26 of Chrome. This issue will be fixed in a version 7 Cumulative hotfix 7.0.29 (released on 04/05/2013)
Please find, then open the /CMSPages/GetCSS.aspx.cs file and add the Response.ContentType = "text/css"; line as shown below:
protected override void OnPreInit(EventArgs e) { if (!DebugHelper.DebugResources) { DisableDebugging(); } // Transfer the execution to the newsletter page if newsletter template string newsletterTemplateName = QueryHelper.GetString("newslettertemplatename", String.Empty); if (newsletterTemplateName != string.Empty) { Server.Transfer("~/CMSModules/Newsletters/CMSPages/GetCSS.aspx?newslettertemplatename=" + newsletterTemplateName); } Response.ContentType = "text/css"; // Process all other request with resource handler ResourceHandler handler = new ResourceHandler(); handler.ProcessRequest(Context); RequestHelper.EndResponse(); base.OnPreInit(e); }

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