Copying web parts via the context menu

This tweak is similar to the "Widgetizer!" script I posted and allows you to copy web parts from one page template to another.
The screenshot below shows you the new "Copy to template" option. The option is available when you click on the little arrow next to a web part in the design mode of a document.

The "Copy to template" button displays a list of page templates belonging to the current site. Selecting a page template will display the web part zones that are available for the page template:

If you click on a web part zone then the web part and it's properties will be copied to the selected page templates web part zone.

And that is pretty much all there is to it!

If you would like to have this feature available in your own Kentico CMS installation, then please go to my blog post were you can find the steps needed for integration.
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Jeroen Fürst

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I have also posted a downloadable package on my blog for easy installation!