Changes in twitter feed web part in Kentico CMS

The Twitter feed web part in Kentico CMS uses Twitter API 1.0. Twitter is now retiring the API and replacing it with a new version. We’ve updated the web part to use the new API and this blog post will show you how to set it up.

The problem

Back in September 2012, Twitter released the REST API v1.1 and announced that API v1 would be retired in June 11th 2013. After API v1 is finally retired, Twitter feed will stop working. To address the API change, we’ve updated the web part to use the new version of the API. This change includes additional fields to set up.
For more information about Twitter API changes check

The fix

You have two options how to get the new Twitter feed:
After you’ve imported the web part into the system, either with the hotfix and additional import or using the separate packages, you need to configure your Twitter account and adjust the web part’s settings.

  1. Navigate to Twitter widgets settings.
  2. Create a new widget.
  3. Copy the widget’s ID from the URL. You will later use this in the web part’s properties.
  4. Paste the widget ID into the web part’s settings in all places where you use the web part.

The result

You can see that the web part now looks according to Twitter’s display requirements.

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Juraj Hrinik

Hi, I’m Juraj Hrinik, as a product owner for "Community & Intranet" I'm responsible for planning and improving features in Kentico with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. and all intranet features (WebDav, Sharepoint, Project management etc.)


No Tweet limit implemented commented on

Just a heads up, the NumberOfTweets field is not used in the rendering, i had to add a line to append the data-tweet-limit into it:

sb.Append("\" width=\"", Width, "\" height=\"", Height);

// Added tweet limit
sb.Append("\" data-tweet-limit=\"", NumberOfTweets);

if (Theme != "Light")
sb.Append("\" data-theme=\"", Theme.ToLowerCSafe());

Juraj Hrinik commented on

Hi Shelley,
you need to import web part manually from CMSSiteManager because we are unable to run import during hotfix procedure. Packages for web site project and web application project are already in correct folder so you only need to select correct package.

Shelley commented on

I upgraded a site to the current hot fix (41) and the web part is still the old web part...