Bug Finding - New Sport at Autumn Olympic Games

We've got our first 18 trees to be planted!
As it was said before, the “Trees for Bugs” initiative is carried out in cooperation with The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation which chooses the best project from many grant proposals. The submission of proposals was closed last week and there are more than 80 projects to choose from! Now we need to wait until the end of the month when the Partnership Foundation decides and informs us as to where exactly the "Kentico trees" will be planted.

Let’s check the situation one week after the announcement of our "Trees for Bugs" initiative (three weeks after the release of the 4.1 version). As of today, we have 18 bugs reported by our clients in the Kentico CMS v4.1.

Currently, Kentico's clients are from 77 different countries around the world. So let's find out which is the most active country in finding the bugs?

Here are the standings afterthe first week:

  1   USA 5
  2   Australia 4
  3   United Kingdom 2
  4-10   Czech Republic 1
  4-10   Germany 1
  4-10   Luxembourg 1
  4-10   Netherlands 1
  4-10    Romania 1
  4-10    Russian Federation 1
  4-10    Slovakia 1

P.S. Standings from position 4 to 10 are sorted alphabetically :)

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Sean Richards commented on

Bugs for beers? Did that really work to help promote your dev team? haha, I will have to try that one.

Petr Passinger commented on

Thanks for a nice words Marty! You should be eligible for you own tree for the error you mentioned, but this microsite runs on 4.0 version - the current version fixes the issue. We have to upgrade :) Anyway, good luck with finding other bugs!

Marty Drill commented on

Hey Guys, This is an absolutely brilliant idea. Dev team wins, customers win and environment. The dev team might not agree, but this is so much better than bugs for beers. Bloody well done.

Petr Passinger commented on

Thanks Adam, we are just in process of selecting the right place for our (actually yours) trees. ;)

Adam Błażowski commented on

Congratulations! This is a great idea :)

Petr Passinger commented on

Mike: :) I will update the standings so Rep. of Ireland will appear soon. ;)

John: They have still enough time to qualify. :)

Mike commented on

Aww, we missed the qualifications :) One of our devs reported one, but doesnt seem to have made it on the list yet - we are in the Rep. of Ireland

John Forster commented on

Olympic Games without China?