Ask the experts #6


Do you have a tough Kentico Xperience question or challenge? Are you looking to extend the platform and need guidance on the best way to implement it? The Ask the Experts webinar is the event for you! This interactive webinar consists of a panel of Kentico experts ready to tackle your toughest challenges. Covering all areas of the product, our experts will take your questions and provide guidance and solutions. 


  • The webinars will be on an online forum, hosted on Youtube. 
  • Users will be able to ask questions during the hour-long presentation while panelists discuss each topic.
  • Panelists will vary for each webinar.
  • Each webinar will have 4-5 panelists.
  • Attendees can submit questions beforehand using the form on Youtube.
  • All areas of the product are open for discussion.

Date / Time

You will be able to ask your questions live by using the online form on Youtube!

We look forward to hearing your questions!

Find the online stream on Youtube

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