Announcing the new eBook: Mobile Development using Kentico CMS 5

I am pleased to announce that this thirty page eBook on developing mobile applications with Kentico CMS 5 is available as a free pdf download from here.
A little about the eBook
In today’s Internet connected world, mobile websites are becoming an important part of everyone’s life. With the slew of Internet connected devices being released in addition to the almost two million projected cellular phones available; you can almost guarantee that your site will be consumed by some type of mobile device. In this eBook we will look at building a mobile website with Kentico CMS 5.

Download from here

I wanted to thank the following reviewers for their invaluable help:
Martin Hejtmanek, Kentico CMS
Eric Webb, Kentico CMS
Jakub Oczko, Kentico CMS
Bryan Soltis, Kentico MVP, Bit Wizards
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