Announcing the Kentico CMS 6 Certified Developer Exam!

 Thanks to everyone who participated in the BETA exam process and a special congratulations to the many new Kentico CMS 6 Certified Developers! I am happy to announce the release of the Kentico CMS 6 Certified Exam.

How is the exam administered

The Kentico CMS Certified Developer Exam is administered online from the comfort of your home or private office.
The Kentico CMS Certified Developer exam consists of 50 questions that must be completed 60 minutes. In order to receive the Kentico CMS Certified Developer Certification for Kentico CMS Version 6, a minimum score of 80% is required. This is an open book test - during the exam students are able to use available online resources and Kentico CMS documentation. The testing process is designed to be confidential and we do not provide the completed exam or exam questions - whether correct or incorrect.

What types of questions will you receive?

Test questions for the BETA Kentico CMS Certified Developer Exam consists of single answer, multiple choice, True/False, and Yes/No answers. Please make sure to read all questions thoroughly.
Questions are taken from the following product and technology categories.
Kentico CMS Application programming interface (API) General Kentico CMS knowledge
Intranet development Kentico CMS Document types
Kentico CMS E-Commerce Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS)
Kentico CMS repository storage Using Macro expressions with Kentico CMS
Representational State Transfer (REST) Services with Kentico CMS Kentico CMS Page templates
Kentico CMS system management Kentico CMS System integration bus
Using transformations with Kentico CMS Workflow and versioning
Web.Config parameters with Kentico CMS Security with Kentico CMS
Using web parts/widgets with Kentico CMS Windows Azure and Kentico CMS

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