Announcing Kentico 9


Today, I’m happy to introduce a completely new version of Kentico. This major Kentico release is designed to help marketers and developers deploy their changes quickly and reliably, provide tools to personalize content for unique customer experiences, test new approaches quickly, and provide the insights that businesses need to make the necessary adjustments to their digital marketing strategies. Say hello to Kentico 9!


Kentico 9 is a strategic major release focusing on both solution partners as well as end clients. The whole team here at Kentico worked very hard to identify key market problems that our customers are facing today. And, through many conversations, market research, and feedback loops, we distilled the core needs we decided to address in the new release.

Kentico 9 is not just an evolution, another release, but in many ways it is a true revolution. There are many challenges customers have to deal with in the market today and some need to be addressed immediately as they impact the success of businesses in this fast-paced digital world in which we live. Because, what’s really crucial for businesses of any size, industry, or region they operate in is how quickly they’re able to turn promising new ideas into unique customer experiences. And that’s what Kentico is all about!

Wondering how exactly we are going to help you handle challenges that come with digital transformation?

  • Problem: Users need to be agile to succeed in the market. They’re struggling with manual and error prone publishing and deployment processes.
  • Solution: Continuous Integration (CI). The CI functionality enables you to be agile, allowing you to move all changes (code, content, and physical media file changes) from one environment to another. We set out three goals for the CI solution we decided to build: it needs to allow developers and marketers alike to deploy their changes quickly, reliably, and, if possible, in a fully-automated way. We delivered on all three of these goals while also adding rollback support, as well as collision detection and resolution support to Kentico 9.
  • Problem: Users need to be able to optimize their customer experience for appropriate channels while making it consistent across all channels.
  • Solution: New ASP.NET MVC support. Reducing development costs is definitely one of the biggest business benefits of ASP.NET MVC development. By separating content and presentation, the MVC allows content editors, marketers, designers, front-end and back-end developers all to work on changes at the same time. This reduces development time and allows for changes and fresh content to be published fast and often. Full control over website markup provides you with better opportunities for SEO optimization. MVC makes it a lot easier to reuse content and optimize it for mobile devices accessing your site, as it makes it much easier to adopt the newest front-end development frameworks with which you build responsive websites.
  • Problem: Users need to be effective in creating, managing, and evaluating their marketing campaigns, and make better sense of data collected.
  • Solution: Integrated Campaign Management (ICM). We bring you completely new campaign management built for the modern marketer. With the new ICM, you can create, manage, and evaluate your campaigns without overly complex tools, respecting the principles of modern user experience, and most importantly for a fraction of the cost of best-of-breed solutions. Campaign management and data visualization by the new reporting engine are the two main pillars of the new ICM. But the biggest advantage of Kentico campaign management is it integrates seamlessly with other Kentico modules like Content Management, E-commerce, and Web Analytics.
  • Problem: Users need to be able to scale dynamically to meet the demands of increasing traffic as their campaigns become inherently successful by using the right marketing tools like Kentico EMS.
  • Solution: Auto-scaling support. Auto-scaling is one of the most appealing characteristics of most cloud hosting offerings. It is an option to set up rule-based scaling of your cloud environment. When the environment scales this way, Kentico needs to recognize the change and start replicating content to new servers. And that’s what auto-scaling support does for you. It basically ensures new instances of your website have up-to-date content and provide the same customer experience as the rest of the environment. Auto-scaling comes with a built-in health tracking system, showing the health status of all instances directly in the Kentico Admin interface.

And so, Kentico 9 will help you build websites using modern development patterns and frameworks, deploy changes quickly and reliably, execute campaigns faster, and make better sense of the data collected while scaling dynamically to match the demands of increasing traffic. This is how Kentico 9 is going to support you on your journey into the digital future.

We know you’re going to love the Kentico 9 release, but there is always room for improvements. Let us know what you think, how you like it, what you’d like to see added and expanded upon in Kentico 10.

Do you want to learn more about the Kentico 9 improvements? Join us for the Kentico 9 Webinar series:

Thank you!


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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product