An overview of Kentico 8 features

Kentico 8 has now officially been released, and It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the great new features that it brings. Lots of feedback was incorporated, the whole UI was redesigned to provide better user experience, and the overall architecture behind the platform was heavily improved as well. Learn more in this article...
It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to a brand new Kentico 8!

It took us eighteen months to develop this version, and I believe that once you start using it you will agree that it was totally worth the wait.

Not only does it provide a whole new experience for the end users, but it also brings significant improvements to the overall architecture, and of course, a ton of new features.

Just to name a few of the most important aspects:
  • A Brand new information architecture and design of the UI that follows the latest trends
  • Significantly improved documentation that is now task-oriented, with related topics linked directly from the admin UI
  • E-commerce improvements (Product Variants, Checkout, Discounts)
  • Online Marketing enhancements (Personas, AB & MVT, Strands Recommender)
If you are already familiar with the previous versions, I am sure you will see the big improvements that have been made in all areas. If you are new to Kentico, I am confident that this version will match your needs and expectations.

Without further ado, let's go straight to the introduction of all the new features and important changes. I have prepared a document for you that covers all of these aspects. The document contains just enough information to get you started, and give you a high-level overview of everything new. For more information about any particular feature, please see the related articles or detailed documentation that discuss its specifics. 

You can download the document here: What's New in Kentico 8 (PDF, 3.3 MB)

As I said, this document provides a brief overview of everything in Kentico 8. More information is in the documentation, but there are still a lot of important things that you should know, and best practices that you should be aware of.  In other words, our collective effort to deliver you the right information does not end here.

We plan to release an extensive series of deep-dive technical articles about architectural improvements and best practices for development and customization.

So enjoy Kentico 8, and stay tuned!
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Martin Hejtmanek

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