Alternative form selection for inline bizform control

This article describes how to use an alternative form for bizform control, which is used as an inline control, not as a web part.
This property is not supported by default, but you can modify code-behind of the bizform inline control in <web-project>\CMSModules\Bizforms\InlineControls\BizFormControl.ascx.cs and add this property here:

public string AlternativeFormFullName
return ValidationHelper.GetString(this.GetValue("AlternativeFormFullName"), null);
this.SetValue("AlternativeFormFullName", value);
this.Bizform1.AlternativeFormFullName = value;

Then you can use this macro to put that inline control on your page together with requested parameter:

{ ^ controlname|(property1)value1|(property2)value2|...^ }

See also: Inline controls overview

Applies to: Kentico CMS 4.x
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