Access to particular part of the document's tree

This article describes procedure how to grand particular role (user) with access only to particular branch (part) of documents in content tree in CMSDesk. The same approach can be used also for live site (public users).
1. In Site Manager -> Settings -> select site from drop-down menu -> Security, please set "Check page permissions" property to "All pages".
2. Go to CMSDesk -> Administration -> Permission -> Module / CMS Content. To RoleX, please assign Browse Tree permission only. For Authenticated users and Not Authenticated user please check Read permission.
3. In CMSDesk -> Content, select root, go to Properties -> Security, add RoleX and check all rights to Deny, only Browse tree to allow.
4. These permissions will be inherited to all child pages now.
5. Select requested document, go to its Properties -> Security, break permission inheritance, add RoleX and set all rights to allow.

Now, user in RoleX can browse tree, but can only read requested document, and create new document under it.
You can modify this approach according to your needs, the important is the logic: Check all pages permissions, set permission to requested module/document type for given role, set „default“ rights for root and inherit it to all sub pages, select particular page, break inheritance, set appropriate permissions.

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 4.0
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