A mobile storm in the cloud [Infographic]

As reported on the Engine yard blog, there are 3 billion more smartphones on earth than there are humans. As a result of smartphone adoption, app consumption has grown with businesses are now prioritizing mobile application development. By 2015 they project development projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1. Cloud computing has enabled developers and business to focus on application innovation.
Platform as a Service
Courtesy of: Engine Yard
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Thomas Robbins

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John Brier commented on

Thanks for the great info. Nice!


Thomas Robbins commented on

Yup - i just did some quick research and found Forrester at about the same number.

Petr Blazek commented on

again me... Gartner estimates that the total of sales through 2016 will be 5.9 billion.

Petr Blazek commented on

The source (engineyard.com) doesn't quote any source. Seems absurd to me that 7 billion smartphones have been sold. Maybe 700 million...