A fond farewell


Hello friends. This is my last blog post as Technical Evangelist here at Kentico. I can’t describe the awesome time I’ve had serving this community and helping developers build solutions with our products. Before I go, I wanted to let you know a little about my future, what will happen with Kentico Technical Evangelism, and a few things in store for the community moving forward.

Saying good bye to a position is tough. Saying good bye to a world-wide network of peers and friends is even tougher. In this article, I’m doing both with fond memories of my time here at Kentico. Recently, I accepted a position outside the CMS industry and will be transitioning out of a community that I have considered a second home for the past 11 years. As you may know, prior to working for Kentico, I, too, was a partner for many years. I have been fortunate to meet exceptional people from around the world and it will be a change for me to no longer be a part of this space.

Starting a new journey

Kentico Crew

First, I want you to know that this decision was very difficult for me. Kentico has always been an exceptional place to work, and the people that make up this company are truly amazing. They have allowed me to explore technical evangelism and grow the community as I saw fit, a trait not found in many companies. They've provided me the opportunity to travel the world, interacting with partners from every region. And they let me sing at our parties and conferences, which really noone should ever do. This is an exceptional group of people I am honored to have had the chance to work with. Kentico & I part ways on the best of terms and I wish them all the success in the future.

For myself, I am starting a new journey in my professional career, one that will take me away from the world of CMS and allow me to focus on Microsoft technologies. It’s no secret if you’ve read even one of my blogs that I’m a huge fan of Azure. In my new role, I will be focusing on Azure solutions full time to help developers leverage Microsoft's cloud.

What will happen to Kentico's evangelism?

Technical Evangelism will continue to be an important part of Kentico’s vision moving forward. We have a Community team that focuses on maintaining our open source projects, managing DevNet, and providing a voice for the development community within the organization. This capable team will continue to promote and evangelize Kentico to ensure you are kept up to date on all the exciting advancements of our products and services. In addition, Kentico will explore new ways to engage the community and ensure you are a part of the best developer community possible. 

If you recall, we had Ondrej Polesny join the team last year as a new Developer Evangelist. Ondrej will take over much of the Evangelism duties for Kentico, and you're sure to see some great articles and presentations from him. You can check out the article to find out how to get in touch.


If you've been following my MVC blog series, you know there is still one final blog coming. This will publish in a few weeks on Kentico.com, so be sure to keep an eye out for it there.

And the MVP Program?


Since joining Kentico 4 years ago, I have worked to build a great MVP program for indivudals passionate about Kentico. Our MVPs are a wonderful group of people, and are committed to helping others use the platform. Kentico will continue this program, recognizing those indivudals who make a difference in the community. If you are interested in the MVP program, check out our MVP Program page for all the informaiton need to join this exclusive club. 

Good bye, friends

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all. You have been such an great community and I’m honored to be considered a member. I can’t tell you how many times you have shown me solutions and I’ve left astounded at what you are capable of. I’ve always said I loved Kentico for how open it is as a platform, and your applications have certainly shown it.

I wish you all the best. I hope you all continue developing the awesome solutions I know you’re capable of. If you want to stay in touch, please feel to reach out using the links below.  Or if you just want to meet up and sing some bad karaoke.

It's been an awesome ride, my friends. Thank you.


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Hello. I am a Technical Evangelist here at Kentico and will be helping the technical community by providing guidance and best practices for all areas of the product. I might also do some karaoke. We'll see how the night goes...