7 tips to build your Email lists

Nobody should argue that Email marketing is important. I ran across a report from the Email Experience Council (eec) of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Econsultancy that I thought was interesting. Among the data was the following.

“The study found that, despite the challenges posed by the spread of social and mobile media, email continues to grow.  Agencies report that 60 percent of their clients are in fact increasing their email usage.  At the same time, 75 percent of marketers described competition from social media as “somewhat” or “very” challenging, and 69 percent said they believe that young people are abandoning email as a primary channel. 65 percent also report that they have problems getting email budgets that the channel deserves. “

You can read the full article here
 Here are 7 tips to quickly build your email marketing lists.
  1. Provide an incentive for people to sign up. Offer whitepapers, e-books, an entry into a contest – something your subscriber’s value.
  2. Create a special page on your social media sites dedicated to email sign up.
  3. Place your email sign up form prominently on your homepage. The most important thing is to place it in a prominent location that doesn’t require any scrolling.
  4. Place the email subscription form on nearly every page on your website. At the end of blog posts or news articles to engage the readers.
  5. Use the power of friends. Ask your readers to “forward to a friend”.  It is important to be careful with this as it may backfire.  
  6. Focus on the email content you provide. Never forget that content is king!
  7. Ask for more than just their email address. Using sign up as a way to understand your readers allows you to make the content more relevant.
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