5 Reasons to Check Out Our New Trees for Bugs Microsite

Trees for Bugs is back … and now with a video!!!
After huge positive feedback on the initial Trees for Bugs initiative, we have decided to renew the program. This time, we will not only plant trees for bugs found in a particular version (as we did with 4.1), but for all bugs found in the latest version. This even includes bugs found in any of the older versions which remained unsolved in the latest one. Of course, we keep our promise to fix every bug within 7 working days!

As in the past, each tree will be marked with a label containing the name of the client who reported the bug, as well as the company and country they come from. Each tree shall also be listed in the Tree Gallery and marked on a Google Map, so that the tree owner can visit the tree in the future (some of the trees will have hays to crop).

We also know which development team is responsible for a particular part of code, so we monitor distribution of bugs (trees) among our development teams. This allows us to say who has to plant the most trees!

With the renewal of the initiative, we also redesigned our Trees for Bugs microsite. The main changes and great reasons to check it out are as follows:

1.    Video

Our animated video explains the basics of the Trees for Bugs initiative in one and a half minutes.This  Common Craft style video was created in cooperation with IVAH.

2.    Bugs/Trees counter

The counter shows the current number of bugs found and thus the number of trees we are going to plant.

3.    Graph of bugs/trees distribution

The graph represents distribution of bugs/trees between individual development teams. The Y axis shows the percentage share on the total number of bugs/trees, while the numbers below each head shows the absolute number. Each pile stands for an individual team leader, identified by his head (literally).

4.    Country standings

Since Kentico CMS is used in 84 countries, we find it interesting to see which country is the most active in finding the bugs. In other words; where in the world is our software used most actively or in the most challenging ways?

5.    Tree Gallery

You can search the Tree Gallery using the name of the tree owner, their company name or their country of origin.

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Any comments heartly appreciated!
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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


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