2015: Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions via internet

Regardless of whether or not your New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to stop smoking cigarettes, lose weight, or become President of the United States in 2016, a recent study shows that 31% of New Year’s Resolution makers will go online for products to help them reach their goals. 
In a recent survey of American web users conducted within Kentico’s Digital Experience research series, findings suggested that marketers will have more resolution-minded customers to cater to this year. According to this survey, 31% of web users plan to make resolutions for the New Year, while 27% are still undecided. One-third of the people who are making New Year’s Resolutions will tirelessly browse online for products or services that can help them achieve their New Year’s goals, and 38% will be on the lookout for sites or apps that can help them track their progress to ensure that they attain their objectives. Meanwhile, 26% will keep their eyes peeled for blogs and other sites that can deliver deep insights. Needless to say, Marketers will have their work cut out for them.

Apart from products and services, 20% of resolution-minded web users engage with social communities for moral support – 41% on Facebook, 25% on websites, and 13% on blogs, while only 3% will turn to Twitter. Through social media networks and blog forums people are able to obtain that extra push to help drive them to success, and even lead them to surpassing their goals. Social networks will be essential in helping marketers find out the type of assistance people seek when trying to reach their New Year’s Resolution. 
Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas said, “With a third of Americans planning to make resolutions for the New Year, it behooves digital marketers to cater to this demographic as a significant percentage of these self-improvers will be going online in search of information, products and support that can help them achieve their goals.” 

The survey also details that women are twice more likely than men to search online for products and services, including trackers that will assist them in reaching their objectives. People between the ages of 18 to 29 will be the most avid web surfers, with 45% searching for tracking sites and apps, and 39% turning to blogs and other sites for the information they require.   
The resolution-minded survey participants listed fitness, eating healthily, and relationships as their top three choices, while others are looking to improve the following:
•    Fitness – 65%
•    Healthy eating – 57%
•    Relationships – 28%
•    Professional – 19%
•    Volunteer work / helping others – 15%
•    Smoking, alcohol or other addictions – 12%
•    Education – 11%
•    Bad computer or cell phone habits – 1%

Now if you’re planning to improve more than one aspect of your daily life and habits, you’re certainly not alone! In fact, 58% of Americans will make 1 to 2 resolutions, while 30% intend to make 3 or more – only 12% will make more than 5 resolutions for 2015. Likewise, if you happen to be one of those people that abandon the quest to achieve your resolution, don’t worry, you are also not alone – 34% give up after just one month and 16% quit after six months! However, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, right? Definitely, because 34% of Americans either reach their New Year’s goals or simply never waiver until they are successful in achieving their objectives.

So how can marketers reach out to people with New Year’s resolutions in 2015? Petr Palas says, “Marketing to the resolution-minded can be done any number of ways. Show how your products and services can be used to help people improve their lives—whether it’s at home, at work, on their bodies, or their minds, for themselves or for others. Content marketing, social media, and creative discounting are just some of the tools that can be used to educate and motivate.” 

The internet opens up a vast array of networks and opportunities to all resolution-minded folks out there. It’s becoming increasingly more important every year for marketers to become aware of how they can assist people so that they may find the particular products that are best suited to their needs. In doing so, marketers will not only be more capable of achieving their own objectives, but also play a huge role in helping a person make their resolution a reality.   

So go ahead and think of any New Year’s Resolution you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year, research it, and make it happen! The internet is sure to have whatever you need in order to help you achieve your goals.
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