16th of April – Judgment Day for the Trees for Bugs Initiative

We are going to plant 45 trees for bugs found in the latest version of Kentico CMS (plus 255 extra just because we like it :)
As previously mentioned, we plant a tree for every bug found in every latest version of Kentico CMS. We  plant these trees twice a year – in spring and in autumn. Trees for all bugs submitted prior to the spring date will be planted on this date and all trees for bugs submitted after the spring date will be planted in autumn.

There were 45 bugs found in the 5.5R2 version since its release date (December 13, 2010) until 4.04.2011, which was the deadline for trees that will be planted in spring 2011. As mentioned above, all other bugs that will be found after the spring deadline (04.04.2011) will be planted on the autumn date (late October 2011).  This means that no matter the day during the year, if you find a bug in the latest version of Kentico CMS you will get a tree planted - either in spring or autumn (whichever is sooner).

We are going to plant these 45 trees this Saturday, 16th of April. The Environmental Partnership Foundation chose a project in the village of Novosedly, where we are going to plant about 300 trees (this means that we got 255 extra!). About 50 of us are planning to hop on a Kentico bus, which will drive us from our headquarters straight to the village, which is – just by coincidence - in the heart of one of the best Moravian vineyards. :)

The bug-hunters who are eligible for tree(s) were already contacted by email and most of them agreed to having the tree planted in their name, while some decided to dedicate the tree to their daughters, colleagues or wives. One of the bug-hunters, Ben from Decision Resources, had an interesting suggestion – to start a similar initiative in his company: “Hives for Bugs”. That will really nicely complement our Trees for Bugs initiative…  

Our bus is booked, labels printed, spades and shovels borrowed, weather ordered – and we ourselves are ready! The last open question is how to persuade the local tax office that a software development company needs 50 pieces of utility gloves. :)

Design of the labels got slightly changed:

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Petr Passinger commented on

Hi Juraj,

No Karol=no broken spade this time! :) Anyway, Novosedly have really nice wine and with Zbysek's voice and singing it was again a remarkable event! ;)


kentico_jurajo commented on

Too bad I cannot be there :-(

Just wondering - who will break the spade if Karol won't be there? :-)

I guess it will be one of the developers from JakubO team - he is a really big guy :-D

Lookong forward to photos and maybe videos!


Petr Passinger commented on

Hi Roel,

This time we will verify this for you :)

Roel commented on

And how can we find if it's truly one of the best Moravian vineyards? *hint* *hint*