“proc_CMS_Tree_InitNodeOrders” exception when moving documents in content tree

When moving documents in your content tree, using Up and Down arrows, you may encounter the following error message:

Failed to move the document: [DataConnectionExecuteQuery]: Query proc_CMS_Tree_InitNodeOrders: caused exception: String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.
The solution depends on the version you are using. On Kentico CMS 6.0, please apply the latest hotfix. This is a known and reported bug, so it should help.

However, in older versions (5.5R2 and older), the following workaround needs to be done.
Open SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to  your Kentico CMS database -> Programmability -> Stored Procedures and modify the “Proc_CMS_Tree_InitNodeOrdersNodeAlias” stored procedure.  Then, change the following line:

NodeAlias nvarchar(50)


NodeAlias nvarchar(450)

The problem was that 50 characters may not be enough for some document aliases. It is possible to create a longer document alias (up to 450 characters), as this is defined in the CMS_Tree table, however problem is with their moving then. This change will fix it.



Applies to: all
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