Kentico CMS 7.0 On-line Marketing Guide



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If you wish to use the integration, you need to apply hotfix 7.0.44 or newer. integration can help keep your Kentico CMS contacts and accounts up-to-date. allows you to access a community‑managed business directory that is updated on a daily basis. You can look up your current contacts and match them with contacts. In the same way, you can look up the accounts that you have in Kentico CMS and compare them with company profiles.


The system provides two ways to update your on-line marketing data using


Manually - users can look for matching contacts or company profiles directly in the contact or account editing interface.

Automatically - you can set up marketing automation processes that automatically update your contacts according to matching contacts. You only need to add the Update from action step to your automation processes.


By combining these two methods, you can ensure that your contact and account data is up-to-date and accurate.



InfoBox_Note authentication


Kentico EMS requires a valid account to communicate with the service. The system requests authentication credentials for:


Users - users need to enter the credentials of a account when accessing the interface for the first time. The system stores the credentials in the settings of the user account, so the duration of the authentication is unlimited.

Automation steps - each Update from step in an automation process uses its own account. You can fill in the credentials when creating or editing the steps.



To search and compare contacts, go to one of the following locations in the user interface:


CMS Desk -> On-line marketing -> Contacts -> Edit (Edit) contact ->

Site Manager -> Tools -> Contact Management -> Contacts -> Edit (Edit) contact ->




To compare accounts, navigate to one of the following locations:


CMS Desk -> On-line marketing -> Accounts -> Edit (Edit) account ->

Site Manager -> Tools -> Contact Management -> Accounts -> Edit (Edit) account ->