FTP Instructions

1. Compress the backup/export file(s) to a zip archive using WinZip or 7-zip,

NOTE: If you split big file (> 150 MB) to multiple smaller files you can simultaneously upload more than one file at the time. It should ensure faster upload/download.

2. Choose one of the following FTP servers:

  • Western Europe: EU-west.ftp.kentico.com
  • U.S. East Coast: US-east.ftp.kentico.com

3. Log in to the FTP server using the credentials (valid for all FTP servers), this account has write permission only due to security reasons. The user name and password will be sent in an e-mail message or, you can request them at support@kentico.com.

4. Create new folder on the FTP server. Please use ticket number for the folder name - add the number before you create the folder (you do not have permission to modify the folder name),

5. Upload compressed file(s) into the recently created folder,

NOTE: For parallel upload/download you can use a free program like FileZilla FTP client.

6. Let us know where the backup is located.