• Azure Cloud Services Deployment hangs
    Forum Post Aug 12, 2013
    I am having trouble deploying an upgraded Kentico Azure project. I upgraded it locally and now whenever I try to deploy it, it just hangs. Here is the history log: 3:07:43 PM - Preparing deployment for KenticoCMSAzure - 8/12/2013 3:01:58 PM with Subscription ID '7d385922...

  • Building an MVC site with Kentico Cloud – Part 1
    Article Dec 7, 2016
    Kentico Cloud is a new headless CMS platform that you can use to build your applications. By leveraging an Azure-hosted content repository and APIs, you are free to develop nearly any application you want and populate it with your managed content in Kentico Draft. In this blo...

  • Jumping into MVC Development With Kentico - Part 2
    Article Jan 6, 2016
    NOTE This blog is the second part of a two-part series. Be sure to check DevNet for the first part here .

  • Theme Not Defined
    Question May 30, 2014
    Following this guide (https://docs.kentico.com/display/K8/Creating+skins+using+ASP.NET+themes), I'm attempting to create a new theme in Kentico 8. However, I cannot get the theme to appear in the administration area. > "Themes must be defined in a folder located under the App...

  • Clone template as Ad-Hoc causes error
    Question Jan 8, 2018
    Hi, I've come across an unusual error that I'm hoping someone can help me with as I'm a complete newbie with the Kentico CMS. When I create/copy a page, and then choose the option to "Clone template as Ad-Hoc" on the new page, I get the following error ... [Error loadin...

  • Error Upgrading from v9 to v10
    Question Jul 28, 2019
    We are in the process of upgrading our site from v9 to v12. After upgrading to v10 and using the Azure Emulator to run the site locally, I get this error: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's ...

  • MVC cache dependency via web farm
    Question Oct 9, 2019
    Hi, I'd like to know more about the MVC cache dependency. **Note**: the Kentico version we are using is 12 sp. From [this article](https://devnet.kentico.com/articles/mvc-site-too-slow-caching-to-the-rescue), I know that the MVC site cache dummy key is touched by a web farm m...

  • Git with Kentico 10
    Question Mar 24, 2020
    Hi, I'm struggling with using GIT with Kentico The code we develop can be created in following ways: 1. We create our own custom web parts, modules etc. (the code is generated by us, registered in Kentico) 2. We create custom tables, page types etc. from admin (the code is g...

  • Failed To Load Dialog parameter
    Question Aug 9, 2021
    I am getting the Failed to load dialog parameters error while assigning security to page users/roles. Also while adding user to specific role. See the link for error snapshot and brief details. [Error Snapshot](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F_dI1Ym01r9kS3aEFXkWh5mzpcR5MERC/...

  • Kentico is sponsoring DevCamp 2010, Vienna
    Article Sep 30, 2010
    We would like to invite you to visit our booth at the DevCamp 2010  which will take place in Wien (Vienna) on October 12, 2010.

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