Xperience unit test mocking of content query executor

Ivan Peev asked on February 28, 2024 17:00

An Xperience project I'm working on contains the following interface:

public interface IContentRepository
    Task<IEnumerable<T>> GetWebPageAsync<T>(
       ContentItemQueryBuilder builder,
       Cancellationtoken cancellationToken
    ) where T : new();

The implementation of this is:

public class ContentRepository : IContentRepository
   private readonly IContentQueryExecutor _contentQueryExecutor;
   private readonly IWebPageQueryResultMapper _webPageQueryResultMapper;
   private readonly IWebsiteChannelContext _websiteChannelContext;

   public ContentRepository(
      IContentQueryExecutor contentQueryExecutor,
      IWebPageQueryResultMapper webPageQueryResultMapper,
      IWebsiteChannelContext websiteChannelContext,
       _contentQueryExecutor = contentQueryExecutor;
       _webPageQueryResultMapper = webPageQueryResultMapper;
       _websiteChannelContext = websiteChannelContext;

   public async Task<IEnumerable<T>> GetWebPageAsync<T>(
      ContentItemQueryBuilder builder,
      CancellationToken cancellationToken
   ) where T : new()
       var queryOptions = new ContentQueryExecutionOptions()
          ForPreview = _websiteChannelContext.IsPreview

       return await _contentQueryExecutor.GetWebPageResult(
          builder: builder,
          resultSelector: _webPageQueryResultMapper.Map<T>,
          options: queryOptions,
          cancellationToken: cancellationToken

The idea behind this repository is that you can just do a single call to get web pages, content and such. For testing the method above I need to mock the _contentQueryExecutor.GetWebPageResult call to return an IEnumerable of the given page type. However nothing really seems to work. In my test file for example I do the following:

var homePage = new HomePage
   SystemFields = new WebPageFields
       WebPageItemID = 1


        builder: Arg.Any<ContentItemQueryBuilder>(),
        resultSelector: _webPageQueryResultMapper.Map<HomePage>,
        options: Arg.Any<ContentQueryExecutionOptions>(),
        cancellationToken: Arg.Any<CancellationToken>()

But the result always seems to be null from the _contentQueryExecutor. The _webPageQueryResultMapper returns the correct value however. I'm using NSubstitute and xUnit for my unit tests.

Correct Answer

Liam Goldfinch answered on February 29, 2024 09:41

Hi Ivan

This looks like an Xperience by Kentico question, please submit at the community portal as that is the place for Xperience by Kentico questions. See here

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