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Mark Handy asked on December 10, 2015 21:51

How can i create a global and child master templates, where the child pages inherit the base html structure as well as global css. The child pages would be within folders, giving each folder the ability to be it's own stand alone site, at least regarding creative.

I created a master template that had the base header, body and footer tags, but i couldn't see a way to create a child master that would inherit from web zone parts. Is this possible with Portal based development?

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Roman Hutnyk answered on December 10, 2015 23:06 (last edited on December 11, 2015 04:03)

It is really easy with Portal engine.

You can't have master page inheriting another master page, so you have to create 1 master page template for the root node.

For any other level underneath root, you can implement template you need and put content placeholder web part there. So that template would not be master page, but will do exactly the same for you. Now any child page will inherit whatever is on parent page, and the parent page will inherit Master. You can do nesting for as many levels as you need.

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