WIdget EditingComponent MediaFilesSelector Modal Dialog not returning images from media library

Laura Frese asked on June 9, 2023 04:36

I am running Kentico Xperience 13.0.112 Core. I have created a few widgets that have the following property

 [EditingComponent(MediaFilesSelector.IDENTIFIER, Order = 1, Label = "Image")]
 [EditingComponentProperty(nameof(MediaFilesSelectorProperties.MaxFilesLimit), 1)]
 [EditingComponentProperty(nameof(MediaFilesSelectorProperties.AllowedExtensions), ".gif,.png,.jpg,.jpeg")]
 public IEnumerable<MediaFilesSelectorItem> Image { get; set; } = new List<MediaFilesSelectorItem>();

On the page, in the widget configuration, the dialog opens. No images in the media library appear, but the media library name and the child folders appear. I am able to upload an image via this dialog, but it also does not appear. It does get saved to the media library. I checked the hash keys in the cms and the app and they match. I have resigned macros. page-builder-scripts are properly appearing on the page. I am able to select images from the media library using the Rich text widget on the page. There are no errors in the browser console or in the CMS Event log. Further research into the calls by kentico indicates that the call to cmsctx/pm/6415b8ce-8072-4bcd-xxxx-9d7178b826b7/culture/en-US/wg/ac451d72-5787-xxxx-a9e9-b083fe61921a/readonly/0/ea/1/h/2ee8726790184721ee21632af04ea45f63ac3e627a79xxxxdba16d4914e56fc3/-/Kentico.Components/Dialogs/KenticoMediaFilesDialog/GetFiles?editmode=1&instance=5e91c260-x-x-84xxx00-d5632b301c8c&uh=a2468f0b8822b56070d34ca063915f7858790609c9647a9186cdc5c2e8b0a443&administrationurl=https%3A%2F%2Foxxxxxxcms.azurewebsites.net%2F&libraryName=TestLibrary&folderPath=&filterQuery=&allowedExtensions=.gif%2C.png%2C.jpg%2C.jpeg

returns an empty array. Any ideas why it might not be returning image data?

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Laura Frese answered on June 9, 2023 04:44

My allowed extensions were improperly formatted. Need to be [EditingComponentProperty(nameof(MediaFilesSelectorProperties.AllowedExtensions), ".gif;.png;.jpg;.jpeg")]

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