Where image is stored in Kentico

Vasyl Chepil asked on August 12, 2016 12:54

I have next html tag

<img alt="alt text" src="/files/resource-default">

I need to change img to another one (without changing link) but i can't find where this image is stored in Kentico. I checked folder "files" at server file system but there is no "resource-default" files.

Where this image could be stored?

Correct Answer

Dawid Jachnik answered on August 12, 2016 12:58


I think your file is stored in the CMS.File page type. Check the Tree under the files document. Probably your file is stored in ~/<site code name>/files folder, but with different GUID name.

Here's a good article where the files are stored. https://docs.kentico.com/display/K9/Storing+files

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