What is best Practice to process the Payment status

Sharath Kumar asked on May 3, 2018 14:59

Hi, I wanted to know what is the best practice to update the order status and payment status once the payment is done. I am using Paypal payment on my Kentico project and upon completion of the Payment, user redirects back to site (to the thank you page). Return URL look like this: http://domain/ConfirmPayment.aspx?amt=800.00&cc=USD&cm=en-US&item_name=Order%20ID%3A%201178&st=Completed&tx=89J7294107533162J

Can i just verify the querystring for the status (st) value and if value is "Completed" then get the order details from the order number (item_name=Order Id 1178) and update the status? Is that a good and safe way to update the payment status (Ex: Paid or Completed) and order status (Ex: IsPaid = true)?. any security concern here?

I also tried to use the IPN feature, but for some reason it is not at all working and order status is not getting updated. Please let me know your inputs.

Thanks, Sharath

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