weird error "Exception: [QueryProvider.GetQuery]: Query CMS.PageUrlPath.GetPathPrefixes not found!"

lawrence whittemore asked on June 7, 2022 22:18

Upgraded to latest version of kentico, as well as upgraded from ,.net core 3.1 to 6.0.5. Everything runs good locally, but when I pushed the changes out, I am getting this error in the live site, the admin is fine.

Exception: [QueryProvider.GetQuery]: Query CMS.PageUrlPath.GetPathPrefixes not found!

any thoughts?

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lawrence whittemore answered on June 7, 2022 22:26

Nevermind... Recycled the app pool and that seemed to fix it.

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Andy Bochmann answered on July 28, 2022 05:06

I'm seeing the same error in one of our three Azure instances. Unfortunately, restarting or redeploying the application did not help. I haven't found the problem yet.

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