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Brad Chapman asked on May 5, 2016 09:15

Hi All

I have begun to experience a weird caching issue plaguing our public website since implementing since implementing a site alias. We have a public website and site alias

We have implemented a co-hosted staff portal within out public site at a sub node alias /staffportal - which is secured with integrated windows authentication. Due to our publishing infrastructure, we cannot support anonymous and integrated via the same publishing rule, hence the need for the alias. The www is for public, the staffportal is for authenticated users. This also requires us to have two parallel IIS web applications, one for the www, the other for the staffportal. Both sites run on a single application pool pointing to the single site instance of Kentico.

The issue we are experiencing is caching. We can now see up to 5-6 different version of a page show in sequence with progressive page refreshes. This is also causing havoc with the admin dashboard and editing for users as they can edit a page and see no effect, or, depending on what version of the page loads, overwrite existing changes accidentally.

I am aware the above scenario may not be an ideal or standard configuration and have been achieved in order to save on an additional license for the staff portal.

Has anyone experienced similar issues or can offer any advise. I am not 100% with how Kentico caches data but have reset the client cache time to 0 in order to attempt to force pages to be reloaded if it changed immediately.

Thanks in advance.


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Brad Chapman answered on July 20, 2016 04:19

We discovered our Enterprise Technicians had change the "Maximum Worker Processes" to 4. Kentico does not support Web Gardens. We reduced this figure back to 1 and this solved the problem.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on May 5, 2016 14:46

Are you using any extra caching outside of Kentico? I've seen this before when there was web accelerator above the Kentico and we always had conflicts between it's vs. Kentico caching. I'd recommend to use Kentico cache only.

Live pages might not refresh if cache dependencies are not setup or they are incorrect.

Kentico admin has all needed cache dependencies setup, so it should show latest version all the time unless there is caching outside of Kentico layer. If there is no extra caching - try to restart Kentico.

If that didn't help, try enabling Debug for caching (not recommended in production!) and see what sits in your cache and if system updates cached items as expected.

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Brad Chapman answered on May 6, 2016 00:56

Thanks for your response Roman.

We are definitely seeing caching issues in the admin so this may indicate some other element causing the issue. This problem started when we implemented changes to support the dual applications and alias.

I will discuss further with our infrastructure people about this configuration.

Thank you.

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