alas alas asked on March 29, 2017 20:43

Hello I created a webpart in CMSWebpart file. In my test server it works well. But in the production server I have the error message: [Error loading the WebPart 'SynchronRoleUser' of type 'SynchronRoleUser']

I used the following namespace in my webpart :

using System.Web.UI.WebControls; using CMS.Helpers; using CMS.Membership; using CMS.PortalControls; using CMS.SiteProvider; using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement; using System.DirectoryServices;


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Roman Hutnyk answered on March 29, 2017 21:03

How did you pushed web production server? What type of project are you using: web site or web app?

Make sure web part source code is in production

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alas alas answered on March 29, 2017 21:10

Application website I created a folder in the back CMSWebpart (wwwroot / monsite / CMSWebpart) and then I copy my files.

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