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Jay Heavner asked on February 11, 2016 21:34

I have a very simple and common situation. I have a web farm license for 3 servers and I have more than 3 developers working at any given time. The developers are all working on a single Development database that is separate from the Production database and all of them have development licenses on their instances. No physical resources are shared between any of the development instances and our production instances. The issue is that as soon as more than 3 developers connect the web farm errors out with a license error. I have a hard time believing this is by design.

Yes, I could use Microsoft's Web Farm platform or any of a variety of tools to fix this problem but at that point I could also use those same tools on my licensed production instance and stop paying Kentico web farm licenses. I'm more than happy to pay for what I use in Production but I need my team to be able to work effectively.

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Bryan Soltis answered on February 11, 2016 22:46

Hi Jay,

I'm a little confused. Are you getting the license errors from your Production instance? Or your Development instance(s)?

Typically, the DEV and PROD environments would be completely separate so there should be no effect ion your PROD environment when you developers do anything. If your developers are all connecting to a single DB form their individual site instances, and you have web farms enable on your development environment, then you could encounter the issue if you exceed the number of servers allotted, although most localhost licenses do not have a server limit.

Assuming the issue you have is with your DEV envinroment, possible alternatives to your current setup:

  • Disable web farms for your DEV site. Typically, this isn't an issue as developers are constantly working with different objects and files. The web farm sync will only sync content / data changes, however, this should be able to be managed with using check in/check out and good development practices.

  • If you are using V9, you could leverage the new Continuous Integration support. It was designed with team development in mind and may be a great way for you to sync changes to each developer.

  • Have each developer use an separate database and leverage Content Staging to move changes between the instances. This would use a lot of built-in functionality and let your developers work independently.

If your issue isn't like i described above, please give a little more details and we'll try and figure out what the issue is. From what you provided, I am having a hard time visualizing what your environment looks like and made some assumptions my response.

  • Bryan
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Jay Heavner answered on February 11, 2016 22:53

This problem is purely within my development environment. It's got nothing to do with syncing content to other environments or builds or anything. I need the web farm working between my various developers. We are in the early stages of a new site build so app_theme css is constantly changing and media library items are being added and I need to make sure that all my devs are getting the latest changes. The problem appears to be that when I view the license information in Kentico I see a value of 3 under the web farm server even though this is a development environment with development licenses. When we created the development licenses we had unlimited for the first couple of days but then it seems to revert back to our main license. I thought Kentico reviewed development licenses and approved them.

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David te Kloese answered on February 12, 2016 14:14


I suggest contacting your Kentico sales person and ask them for an unlimited web farm development license. As long as its clearly a development license this should be no problem.



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