Web Farm Configuration for Scaled Azure Web Apps

Eric Bouwhuis asked on August 21, 2018 16:52

I’m trying to work through an issue and/or configuration setup for our existing websites in relation to search indexes and web farms in an Azure Web App. I’ve followed documentation and something still seems amiss to me and I thought I would reach out for some assistance/guidance. First, here is some quick info about our environment.

Kentico Version: 10.0.47
Development Model: MVC
URL: nhaschools.com
Platform: Azure Web Apps (force scaled to 2 instances all the time)

We deploy our Kentico solution so that the MVC site is deployed to the root directory, the CMS Admin is deployed to the “/cms” virtual directory, and an API layer is deployed to the “/api” virtual directory. Since our web farm is setup in automatic mode, it picks up each of these paths as a web farm server. Then, since we have our Azure Web App scaled to two instances, it picks up that instance as well, totally in 6 web farm servers showing up in our web farm list. Should I indeed have 6 listed? Do we something configured incorrectly?

In each of these paths, I see a copy of our search index. Is that correct and is that how it should function? I would think that I should only see a search index under the root path for our MVC site under “/App_Data/CMSModules/SmartSearch/NHA.PrimarySearchIndex”. So if I trigger a rebuild of our index, it tries to fire a rebuild on every single web farm it currently sees in the list.

Since we have all those registered web farm servers, I followed the steps to configure certain recommended scheduled tasks to be executed on every server of the web farm based on your documentation. Is that needed with Azure Web Apps as the file system is shared?

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