Web analytics is enabled but not working after upgraded site from kentico 9 to 10

Priya Tiwari asked on February 25, 2017 07:53

Hii, I have upgraded site from Kentico 9 to Kentico 10. I have enabled web analytics and online marketing in settings and also enabled require settings as per kentico 10 document. I have provided read and write permissions to IIS user also but analytics for pages is not working.When I see reports it displays zero hit but I have hit page many times. The report is not generating correct data. Please help me how to resolve this issue?

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Brian McKeiver answered on February 28, 2017 04:21

Check your scheduled tasks to see if the Process analytics log task is currently enabled, has run recently, and does not show any error.

Also do you have the setting Log via JavaScript snippet enabled? If so make sure you see it firing client side on your page and that there are no console errors in your browser. You should see some code that looks like:

<script>WebServiceCall('/cmsapi/webanalytics', 'LogHit', '{"NodeAliasPath":"/Home","DocumentCultureCode":"en-US","UrlReferrer":""}')</script>

If you don't have it enabled try enabling it to see if that works better.

Also double and triple check your permissions on the ~/App_Data folder it usually boils down to permissions.

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