Using gift cards to replace flat value order discounts

Plaid Enterprises asked on October 23, 2019 22:03

We recently upgraded to v11, hotfix #11.0.23. I see that flat-value order discounts are no longer supported, but I am having difficulty replicating the same behavior with a gift card.

We've had a standing offer of $10 off orders over $35 or more whenever someone signs up for the email newsletter, but I can't see how to create a gift card good for $10 off with just one coupon code that can be reused by multiple people.

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Zdeněk Cetkovský answered on October 24, 2019 12:07

Gift card coupons represent a stored credit value, therefore it is not possible to reuse these coupons to get the $10 off repeatedly with single coupon code.
You could send or provide a new unique gift card coupon worth $10 to anyone who signs up for the newsletter. You would have a single Gift card with multiple coupons. Their cound would be equal to the number of subscribers who also put more than $35 in their carts - but that minimum order amount may not be required. As you can limit the gift card use for orders over $35, it would provide the same result.

I understand that the whole experience would be a bit different, though. You would need to generate the coupons (can be done using API) and send them to those who sign up for the newsletter. They won't see the discount until they add the received code to the shopping cart. On the other hand, you could also render this code dynamically in the site (e.g. in checkout) or even automatically add it to the shopping cart, if the order reaches $35 and the customer is subscribed... there are simply more options to handle that. The Gift cards are considered an alternative payment option and are applied to the total price (after the shipping and all taxes are applied).

Another option would be to customize the standard Order discounts - it is quite easy to get the flat order discounts back using approach described in this article -
This customization is not suitable for multi-currency setups, but if you use single currency, it should be fine. Please also note that unlike the Gift cards, the Order discounts are applied before tax and the calculation uses proportional distribution of the overall order discount to determine base price for each group of items with the same tax class. Order discounts also don't influence shipping.

Hope this helps!

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Connie Sheridan answered on January 20, 2020 12:07

Blessing card coupons speak to a putaway credit esteem, hence it isn't conceivable to reuse these coupons to urge the $10 off more than once with a single coupon code. Check SterlingStore to learn more.

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