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toru sato asked on November 6, 2017 14:23


I want to realize the following actions.

  1. Call external user authentication API to authenticate user name and password
  2. Display My Page, call the external API different from the authentication API and set the information obtained from the external API in the form

Is there a document that describes the description calling the external API and the procedure to set the information obtained from the API on the form? Also, please tell me if there is something like templates, how to set the information obtained from the API in the form, text, and text.

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toru sato answered on November 8, 2017 09:56

thank you for your answer.

Regarding Authentication, it seems that we can proceed with the page taught. Acquiring information from the API except in the authentication part ... Writing the page content in C # is based on the following document and it seems to be somehow useful.
Thank you very much.

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Suneel Jhangiani answered on November 6, 2017 17:21

For authentication have a look at

For the 'My Page' it would be better to know a little more detail as to what you want to display on it that is coming from an External API. If you are trying to display UserInfo or UserSettings then you could look at implementing custom providers and potentially use these for authentication as well.

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