Use areas in Kentico 13 page route attribute

Jogchem Andre Oord asked on October 27, 2020 17:08

Is it possible to specify the MVC area in content tree based routing? What I want to do is run the website in a subfolder of the domain.

Based on the Dancing Goat example, I set the presentation URL to http://localhost:64080/catalog. I saved the about page, so the URL slug is now http://localhost:64080/catalog/about-us. I restarted the site. When I navigate to http://localhost:64080/catalog/about-us I get a 404. When I go to the old url (http://localhost:64080/about-us) everything seems to work fine. Should I be using custom urls instead (like in Kentico 12?) and just ignore RegisterPageRoute?

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Jogchem Andre Oord answered on October 28, 2020 10:20

It does work when I remove the /catalog part from the site URL and switch URL redirects to URL rewrite (in settings) and then manually add an alternative URL for the About page (/catalog/about-us). So it seems that the routing engine ignores the site URL.

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