Use a Form to Send a Pre-Written Email with Attachment automatically to the email address provided

Danny Boy asked on February 11, 2016 17:48

Hi all, I am new to Kentico and have this task to accomplish where once a user enters their email and name in a form and clicks submit that, the system will automatically attach the name to a variable placeholder within a pre-written email with an attachment and then send the email to the address provided within the form.

Even a place to start looking would be greatly appreciated as I throw myself at the feet of this new community and plead for help.

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Joshua Adams answered on February 11, 2016 18:01

Which version of Kentico will you be using? License? The forms have an ability to send an email out after the form is submitted, so may be worth looking at the Autoresponder section of the form and see what is there. There are some more complex things that you can do without having to code, but some of those depend on licenses. There is also a place where you can attach items as well in the autoresponder. What is the attachment going to contain? Does it need to be based on the form inputs?

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Danny Boy answered on February 11, 2016 21:09

Thanks for the replay Joshua,

I had a better look through the system and followed through on a few actions and can see what you were referring to. I will test it out tomorrow and update the post.

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Danny Boy answered on February 12, 2016 14:34

Yes all the above correct, I have a new question now that leads from this but is different thanks Joshua.

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