URL when change redirection 302 to 301.

duy luu asked on October 7, 2019 04:41

Hi all, I have problem with the 301 redirection in Kentico. I want to change redirection from 301 to 301 in Kentico, i follow the instruction in "https://devnet.kentico.com/questions/301-redirects" and "http://dahlindevelopment.com/blog/july-2015/301-redirects-in-kentico-cms/" with tick in two option in Settings "URLs and SEO" are : Allow permanent (301) redirection + Redirect document aliases to main URL. The redirection had been changed to 301 but i have problem with display URL. For normally, the url of home page is: "https://domain.com/", but when change the 301 direction, the url of home page is: "http://domain.com/SubMater_ChangeFooter/HomePage", and all the page have alias path will redirect to main URL I think it's the option Redirect document aliases to main URL will change the display URL. There is any way to change the display URL to alias path (https://domain.com/) and still 301 redirection? Thanks

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John Gray answered on October 15, 2019 14:30

There is big difference between 301 and 302 redirection in SEO Methodology. 301 redirection is an parmanent redirection and whereas 302 redirection is an temprory redirection.

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