Urgently, how to config Customer Credit in Kentico CMS v7.0.55

Trung Nguyen asked on October 15, 2015 12:00

I need your help urgently

I need to enable Customer Credit in Kentico CMS v7.0.55.

I have follow instruction from Forum http://devnet.kentico.com/forums?forumid=36&threadid=9294

============================= Hi, I've added some credit to a users account. when loged into site as that user I see the credit was added.

On checkout when I get to: Shipping and payment methods I only see Paypal as option, no "user credit".??? ive enabled: tools-> ecommerce ->Configuration -> Payment methods -> Customer credit-> Enabled. these are the config info: Customer credit Payment method display name: CustomerCredit Enabled: (checked) Payment gateway settings Payment gateway URL : (blank) Payment gateway assembly name: CMS.EcommerceProvider Payment gateway class name: CMS.EcommerceProvider.CMSCreditPaymentProvider Order status when payment succeeds: Payment recived

Order status when payment fails: payment failed

What am I missing to make it work?

I also check Customer Credit in All Shipping Option but still no luck.

Thank, Trung

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