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kuntesh thakker asked on March 30, 2015 13:43

How I will get UPS Carrier service while configuration Shipping Option as it its real time methods depends on Product Shipping Address

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Suneel Jhangiani answered on March 30, 2015 14:53

The DeliveryAddress and Items are properties of the Delivery class passed into the GetPrice Method. So you would do something like the following:

    public decimal GetPrice(Delivery delivery, string currencyCode)
        decimal price;

        //check if we have selected a shipping option
        if (delivery.ShippingOption != null)
            // Check if we are using the Standard service
            if (delivery.ShippingOption.ShippingOptionCarrierServiceName == "Standard")
                // Get shipping address country
                var country =

                // lookup the shipping based on country here
                price = GetUPSPriceByCountry(country.CountryThreeLetterCode);

        return price;
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kuntesh thakker answered on March 30, 2015 14:58

I need to Show the users - the type of Shipping available according to address on the shipping page . You mean i will just show "Standard" Shipping option while configuration ?

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