Uploading image using the QuicklyInsertImage button causes image resize issues

paul wyatt asked on December 6, 2016 17:19

I am using Kentico version 9 and have an issue with the QuicklyInsertImage button on the CKeditor.

When I upload an image the upload works but if I open the image properties and then press save & close the image width and height are being set incorrectly causing images to be to large and stretch on the page.

If I press Reset Size the image width and height is correctly set but again pressing save & close causes the height and width to be incorrect.

I have checked the automatic resize settings and the fields are all left blank.

example: upload an image of 200X98 open image properties all is correct press Save & close Image stretches open image properties again image height and width is now 744*365. Press Reset Size correct values show press save & close but same problem.

Large images of say 1920X1080 do the same but the size will be reduce to 744*418 when Save a& close is pressed.

Has this been seen before or have I missed an option somewhere? It looks like a resize is happening note the width of 744 on both large and small image.


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paul wyatt answered on December 6, 2016 18:15

I have solved my own issue. There were a couple of CSS styles that were stretching the images incorrectly. removing these have solved the issue. What is confusing is why the image width and height properties were being altered in the backend interface.

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Amit Srivastava answered on December 7, 2016 08:37 (last edited on December 7, 2016 08:38)

You just need to use some CSS. i mean custom width, height and margin: 0 auto. that will be fixed. and use width and height in %.

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